One person every three and a half seconds departs this world. The harsh fact of hunger is that it takes away 25,000 people daily, according to the United Nations. And this is hunger, alone. There are a lot of people less fortunate than us. People suffering from hunger are chained by severe poverty, which means that they lack money to buy food that is important for survival. This causes malnourishment which makes them weaker and sick. Eventually, they were increasingly less able to work, and this makes them even poorer and hungrier. Just what causes this cruel fact? 

And how do you define poverty? Is it because these people are lazy and happy-go-lucky, so much so that there forgo crafting themselves a better future for themselves? Is it because of war, hyperinflation, natural disasters? Poverty is conceptualised by all of us in different ways. Some, obviously, have the wrong idea. 

Fret no more. With this informative website, we shall share with you the causes, the consequences, and what can be done about poverty. Clear your doubts, get the right picture. Poverty is not to be mocked at. It's a shared problem that everyone should strive to eliminate. 

Read on to find the ghastly truth- why thousands of children,infants in Africa are dying of starvation every year, why children in rural parts of the world cannot go to school, and why some parents are forced to sell their precious sons and daughters away....

“In the First World countries, we only have a 1 percent growth rate. But that 1 percent growth rate affects the planet eight times as much as the 23 percent growth rate of the lesser-developed countries. The reason for this is that we use a lot more resources to maintain our standard of living. Currently it costs 30 times as much in terms of energy and resources to feed a North American as it does to feed a Pakistani.”

-Kerby Anderson, president of Probe Ministries International  

Poverty is a global problem. But how much do you really know about this catastrophe that's affecting more than a million lives around the world? Watch videos that will impact you at poverty scope

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