Government Aspect 
Below is a list of possible actions that governments of poverty-stricken nations might consider
- do not give shorter jobs, instead, give people careers which ensure them of a full-time job.
-Social programmes
-Make sure that neocolonisation does not occur-developing countries are losing out.
- Providing sums of money to aid needy communities
-spend a certain sum of money to create adequate jobs for the umemployed, and to provide skills retraining plus a sum for employers. This will boost the morale of the workforce since their fear of losing their jobs is now gone, and economic growth will naturally increase. 

Social Aspect 

- Setting up of charity foundations and funds to provide the needs of the needy. 
- Counselling services to guide those who on the brink of collapse
- Free Food for the Poor - giving out food to the needy 

- People may abuse the system of fee food handouts by lying that they're poor etc. 
- Cash sent to employers in a bid for them to retain employees may be misused - corrupt employers may use the sum for personal gain/benefit.